Thursday, April 22, 2010

sledding with grandma

The downside of our trip to Utah over spring break was the worst cold I’ve ever had.  So on our last day there Dell let me stay in bed all morning long with a book.  Lizzy napped, grandpa was at work, and Dell, Henry, and Grandma Laura went looking for some good sledding.  They found it. 



I’m going to try and post the picture of Henry tearing down the hill, clearing the jump, and somehow sticking the landing soon.  It totally makes me giggle.

Thanksgiving Point

We had a wonderful spring break in Utah.  We played with both sets of grandparents and saw some good friends.  Here’s some highlights/pictures of our trip to Thanksgiving Point.  It was fabulous to watch the kids around the animals.  Lizzy was absolutely ecstatic and Henry loved pointing things out to us.

Lizzy and Grandma Beth admire the horses


The cow admires Lizzy.  (And unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the moment when the giant cow tongue tried to lick her.)


Running to the horses.  Look at those faces!


Cute Henry riding his pony.


Lizzy was thrilled to be on a horse.  No fear at all.  Just smiles and cheesy grins for everyone.


when it rains….

Last weekend we got a good texas rain.  I was in Chicago and missed it—more on that later—but Dell got some great pictures.  Enjoy a glimpse of what happens here when it rains.


The water eventually crested the sidewalk and we had a river running through our side yard which washed away some of the sand from our sandbox—and just a week after we put new beautiful sand in too.