Monday, November 1, 2010

pumpkin patch

Last weekend my sister Mary came down from Austin and we all drove up to Medina to Love Creek Orchard’s pumpkin festival.  We had a great time and Mary made it even better.  We’re so lucky she’s at UT-austin now.

Painting Pumpkins


Mary’s mummy cat was by far the best


Wahoo!  A family picture.  We haven’t had one of these since Lizzie was born.


Our cute little pumpkins


The animals were the biggest hit.  Lizzie loved petting this pony and feeding the pigs.  She just ran around the pens jabbering to herself and squealing with excitement.  Henry was calmer but still excited.  His favorite thing was the snow cone we had for part of lunch.  I liked the band and sing-a-long.


Barrel rides.  Henry took great care of Lizzie.