Tuesday, July 21, 2009

botanical gardens

I started this post long ago, but was having trouble getting the pictures oriented the right way. And now the computer with all the pictures has died and so it will take a bit before I can find the pictures again. Luckily we've got most things backed up. Whew.
Anyway, this was a fun saturday excursion we took to the San Antonio Botanical gardens. The gardens are an old works project and are nestled in a fun miniture valley near the zoo. There's a waterfall, tons of ponds with tons of Koi, and lots of beautiful plants. You know I loved it. Henry loved the fish and the waterfall. Dell liked being out of the hospital and actually seeing the son. And Lizzy seemed to enjoy staring at leaves. She takes after her mom. Leaves make her smile.

We still exist

Sorry about the long hiatus. I'm really not sure what we've been busy with, but I think I've been busy, at least too busy to blog.... okay, I've been reading books and watching netflix. Sorry, but it is summer so cut me a little slack.... please.... Anyway, here's some pictures and such. And I may even get a real post up before we go swim at a friends house. Summer, it's tough, but someone has to do it.

Lizzy smiles. She's a very happy baby and especially loves smiling at Henry. For some reason she thinks him walking down the stairs behind her is the funniest thing. Never fails to get a good laugh.

Don't you love the crooked grin? Sorry about the bare bum, but it's a classic baby photo right? I couldn't post the ones of her huge naked thighs because someday she'd be really embarassed by it all. But oh, those photos are priceless.
Beautiful baby. Picture by Henry. He takes a lot of pictures, but he gets some that are great. So grateful for digital though. I'd be furious if he took all the pictures he did on film.