Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Reunion Day 1 and 2

Day 1 was a trickling in day.  Emily and Jared with their two cute kids were the first to arrive.  Henry was soooooo excited to see his cousin Sam.  Sam is two years older than Henry though amazingly patient about playing with younger kids.  Henry idolizes him.  Mary and my Mom and Dad arrived in the evening just in time to go to dinner at Beefy’s Backyard BBQ.  Yummy yummy food and really relaxed environment.  We ate in the backyard near the playground and the hardest part was getting the kids to stop playing and eat.  The adults had no problem eating.  Beefy makes some good burgers!


Day two was San Antonio Riverwalk day.  We did the Alamo, the river boats, and ate at Boudros for lunch. 

The Alamo


The boat (don’t you love Henry’s face?)


Look at my beautiful sisters!!!


Pioneer day—only posted 2 months late

Here’s a quick update.

Pioneer day.  Mormon holiday celebrating when the pioneers arrived in Utah.  Our stake always throws a big party.  Kettle corn, snow cones, bounce house, water balloon games, lots and lots of food, but every year the highlight is the pony rides.  This year was no exception.


Look at that cute cowboy!  And that sweet little pioneer girl.


Lizzy loved the horses.  As in when we got out of the car she made a beeline to them and she mostly just stood and watched them while we waited for our turn.  And here’s what happened when she had to get off her horse.


Is it wrong to find this picture funny?  I need to get the pictures my friend Sarah took.   She takes the best pictures of Lizzy.  Sarah, can I hire you for a photo shoot?