Wednesday, February 24, 2010

monkey see, monkey do?

This morning after taking Henry to the bus I was wiping the kitchen counters.  Lizzy crawled over to the cabinet where we keep the towels and dishrags, opened it, grabbed a towel and crawled to a spot on the floor where water had splashed while loading the dishwasher and proceeded to wipe it up.  Hmmmm, I wonder if I can teach her to vacuum?



So proud!


And to prove this isn’t an isolated occurrence here’s a picture from the other day when Henry and I were doing our chores and wiping baseboards and windowsills.  CIMG4147

Lizzy will be available to clean your house when she is 16.  Until then I’m hogging all her skills.

Clean baby clean!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zoo Day

Since Dell had President’s Day off and he’d been working all weekend long we decided we needed to do something fun and so to the zoo we went.  It was Lizzy’s first time and I think my favorite part was introducing the animals to her.  She loved seeing them all and did the sign for elephant at the elephant (and the bear, but we’re working on that) and said “blub blub” for the fish.  I think the fish and the hyenas were her favorite.  Not sure why the hyenas, but she sure squealed, smiled, and reached for them.  Mangy animals.  We’ve got to work on her taste in creatures.  :)

Looking at the hyenas


Henry feeding the birds.


Lizzy playing Praire Dog.


Jedi training party

Henry had his heart set on a Jedi party so we passed up the free party at the Karate studio and had a party at home.  (At the Karate studio they would have done everything but provide the cake and pizza, oh the easiness of it all.)

It ended up being fun for everyone—dell and I included.  When the kids arrived they put on their Jedi training uniform (simple wrap around tunics I sewed from pottery barn crib skirts I got for 97 cents each.  Not bad for organic cotton.)  They also decorated their “jedi bags”—gift bags sewn from the same cotton.  We practiced using the force first, but tossing bean bags with our eyes closed, playing pin the light saber on darth vader, and trying to drop bean bags onto targets from great heights to reveal the candy prize below.


We also did light saber training. They had to keep their balloon from touching the ground using only their light saber.



Dell also taught them some fencing moves—thrust, parry, etc… and dueled with each kid to reinforce the moves.


Once training was complete they each got 3 jedi bombs (bean bags) and a special pen to begin their jedi missions.  The first mission the young padawans had to complete was rescuing princess Leia.  She and some of her friends were trapped in balloons in the guest room and the jedis had to pop all the balloons to rescue the people.  Total mayhem, but fun.



Look!  H-y rescued 3-CPO.  Nice work!

After the princess rescue it was time to cross the lava to Yoda’s cave.  (Or make it from the couch in the playroom to the master bathroom using only things you could grab from the couch.)  This was probably the favorite—I think they did this three times making it tougher each time by removing objects.  The big cousins—Noble and Liam were a huge help.


(Preparing to set out for Yoda’s cave.)

We also destroyed the separatist base with our jedi bombs. (a blanket fort that we collapsed using our bean bags.)  We had a bunch of other missions planned and Dell was all set to make an appearance as the made up character Darth Malicious, but we ran out of time. 

After Padawan Pizzas with light saber veggies (mini pizzas with carrots and celery sticks) we had cake and ice cream and parents arrived.  All in all it was fun and while it was a lot of work it was definitely worth it.  Though next year, I’m campaigning for the Karate party.  :)


Oh, and Lizzy liked it too. 


Monday, February 15, 2010

yellow belt

A couple of weeks ago Henry had his belt test.  It was awesome to see him trying so hard.  He really wanted his yellow belt.  He was tired of being a white belt surrounded by belts of many colors.

Here he is doing a palm heel strike.  (The great teacher had the kids turn and do their moves facing their parents for a bit to give all of us some photo opportunities.)


Henry about to break a board—a real board!  And he did it in only three tries!  Go Henry. 


The class after getting their new belts being fierce.


Now the class being their normal selves.  Silly.