Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Love

After walking over to sit in his seat, Henry had this to say to Anna this morning:
"Wow Mom! You look different from over here...kind of a Wolf Mommy!"

Friday, May 7, 2010

A shout out to my brother Mark

My brother Mark is an incredible, talented photographer.  He does a great job with landscapes, but his real specialty is people.  Somehow Mark seems to able to capture who a person is with a camera.  It awes me.  You should see the pictures of my kids he’s taken.  It’s made it impossible for me to go to studios.  His pictures can catch glimpses of the soul.  It’s beautiful.

He’s spent the past 5 years or so travelling around the world interviewing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (my church yea!)  He’s shot thousands of photos and interviewed so many wonderful people.  The result of these interviews, photos, and travels was recently published into a breathtaking photo book The Mormons.  I love it.  I love it that it is the lives and faith of everyday ordinary people.  People like me. (I’m not in the book.  If you buy it see if you can spot my mom though.)  I love the interview with the Sunday School teacher in Cambodia.  The convert in New York.  The picture of the old man vacuuming in a foyer.  The bishop riding his bike to visit a member.  The missionaries in South America.  The lives, hope, faith, doubt, imperfections, and strivings that all of us who are trying to follow Christ have.  Check it out if you can.

Those of you lucky enough to be in Utah, the BYU bookstore is carrying it.  And talks are going on with Deseret Book (send them an email and ask them to carry please.)  If you don’t have that option you can to to to order the book.


Oh and here’s a link to a short bit of the DVD that is based on the book.

So way to go Mark!  You’ve got such talent and this book you have created is a beautiful masterpiece.  I’m so proud of you!!

(Oh and wouldn’t it make a great mother’s day gift for those of you still trying to figure on out?)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Race Day

This morning was the BYU alumni association (san antonio chapter) 5K race.  And even though I seriously considered chickening out when I found out Dell would be post call that morning, I’m really glad I went. 

Henry was a total trooper.  He had some pre-race jitters, but we talked those out on the drive there.  (He was disappointed it wasn’t an obstacle course sort of race, he was hoping for some little tunnels that only he could fit through so he could save the day.  )

Once we got to the stake center where the race was starting from it was amazing how many people we knew.  I saw an old friend from beginning of residency, lots of people from our ward and people that looked vaguely familiar.  Ahhh, BYU alums. 

Henry did a great job running the race with his friend Samuel.  Henry ran maybe 1.75 miles (run, ride, run, ride style), Samuel ran a little over 2 with only two brief stroller breaks, and Lizzy never complained and seemed very content to ride in the chariot.  The toughest point for me was when I was pushing all three kids in the chariot at mile 2.25.  Henry and Lizzy were in the chariot with Samuel sitting on the handlebars.  I had to use all my upper body strength to hold the chariot up while running.  All in all pretty fun for my first official 5K.  In fact, I’d love to do another.  Especially on without the kids.  While we finished with a pretty respectable time I’d love to do one where I didn't’ have to stop to let kids in or out of the chariot and to be able to run at a pace faster than my 5 year olds.  :)

Henry’s pre-race posing.  Don’t you love the shirt?  It says play to win.  A sentiment I hate, but Henry loves it because it’s green and has a trophy on it.


Lizzy ready to race.


aren’t they cute?!


coming in to the finish line (this is actually a reenactment.  I was too busy running and keeping the kids running to take out my camera, so we redid the finish line in on of the lulls while waiting for the other racers to come in.)


crossing the finish line!



Great job everyone!