Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas at the Westin

This was a fun activity that we went to at the beautful Westin hotel at La Cantara. It's free, but oh my does it make you want to stay there.
The activity starts when Mrs Claus leads you to a spot past the pool where a cowboy storyteller (Maken Dust) and his cowboy band tell you Christmas stories and sing Christmas songs.

Maken Dust

The Cowboy Band

Each child is given a bell as part of the story telling and Henry enjoyed swinging his about. After stories and songs at various senic locations about the grounds Maken Dust tells the legend of snow in San Antonio. According to the legend if good children close their eyes, wish really hard and ring bells at the same time it will snow in San Antonio. So all the kids closed their eyes (except Henry who was too busy exploring the pond and lily pads), wished, and rang their bell (Henry did do that). And guess what....

It snowed!!!!!
Henry loved playing in the snow and making snowballs. Then we went inside for hot chocolate and treats. What a fun night!

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Laura said...

Now this one sounds really interesting, but I can't pull up any of the pics. The other stories' pictures came up fine, but these didn't. It really snowed? REally? Like outside and not just in the hotel? How fun! Growing up in Houston I saw snow 4 times in 18 years! And with global warming and all, this is quite the Texas welcome for the Dell Dunn family. What next? A ski run?