Sunday, November 30, 2008


Henry was a cute lion again this year. First we tried being pirates, but when he saw his old costume he wanted to change from pirate to lion. And when I saw how cute he was, I agreed. He got a little hot in it, but was too determined to trick or treat to let a little thing like sweat deter him.
Henry got quite a haul of candy too. He took the giant trick or treat bag (the one I used to use to hand out candy from) instead or his little pumpkin one. But it was half full by the time the evening was over. We canvassed our neighborhood first-- to meet the neighbors which was great! And then went to Alec and Dixie's to join the cousins and a bunch of other people from the ward in that neighborhood. Lots of good candy there too.

Henry was adorable. And each house he said the obligatory "trick or treat" but followed up with a heart felt "where are the halloween games?" Because he knows that every good party has candy and games and the candy was plentiful, but games were few. Luckily in one cul de sac we found a game like atmosphere with hayrides, movies and a spook alley (which Henry wisely choose to skip-- even big kids were getting scared.)

We ended up at cousin's house where Henry and H had a fun time playing relay games with Grandpa Dick and the big bag of Halloween candy to give away. Then we took a tired little boy home. What a great Halloween, and the first that Henry really got into. It is so fun watching Henry grow up. He makes holidays so much better!!


Sarah said...

henry makes an adorable lion!! sounds like a wonderful halloween. miss you much!

Dave and Margaret said...

Holy cow that there is one cute boy! I'm sure this is somewhat due to the soft evening light but he really seems to glow with joy.

Molly said...

I'm sorry it's taken me ages to comment on this darling post! I LOVE Henry's costume. Growl! What a cutie. And it looks glorious and warm! It's -1 right now in MN. But we have loads of snow, so I can't complain too loudly. :)
Miss you my pregnant friend! I'll give you a call soon.