Monday, January 19, 2009

Our spelunker

One of our favorite things about our house is the network of trails behind it. If you walk about3/4 mile up the path and cross the street by the elementary school you'll find even more trails and one of them leads to a..... BEAR CAVE! Okay, no bears have ever been seen there, but it is called the bear cave to give it a more exciting feel. Well, cousin Malachi and Uncle Brent discovered a small cave within the bear cave and Henry is now hooked on spelunking. Here his is decked out in his spelunking gear.

Notice the serious expression. Appropriate for a kid who is going into a cave that is only 5 feet tall and who knows how deep. Luckily for mama's fears he is only up to about 3 minutes of exploration at a time.

Oh, and Henry also talks about the little spelunker in my belly-- his little sister. :)

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