Friday, February 13, 2009

fun with grandma and grandpa

My parents came a week after Lizzie was born to see her, help out, and just enjoy being together. It was so great to have them look after and spoil us. Thanks so much for coming mom and dad! Here's some pictures of the fun things they did with Henry while they were here.

Guadalupe River. Who doesn't love throwing rocks at the Guadalupe? I love this picture my mom took of Henry. It really captures his enthusiasm as he tosses rocks.
San Antonio Zoo and the train.
Mission Espada. Where Henry told stories and made up games. Another great face. This kid sure posed well for the grandparents. Why doesn't he pose for me?

Ice cream!
It was a great visit. Though I think my favorite moments were watching Grandpa and Henry fighting bad guys with lightsabers. Lizzie sleeping in Grandma or Grandpa's arms (she never was put down when they were here.) And getting lots and lots of naps. Wahoo!!!

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Sharp Family said...

I love that first picture of Henry! And all the pics of little Elizabeth, she is so cute!