Tuesday, July 21, 2009

botanical gardens

I started this post long ago, but was having trouble getting the pictures oriented the right way. And now the computer with all the pictures has died and so it will take a bit before I can find the pictures again. Luckily we've got most things backed up. Whew.
Anyway, this was a fun saturday excursion we took to the San Antonio Botanical gardens. The gardens are an old works project and are nestled in a fun miniture valley near the zoo. There's a waterfall, tons of ponds with tons of Koi, and lots of beautiful plants. You know I loved it. Henry loved the fish and the waterfall. Dell liked being out of the hospital and actually seeing the son. And Lizzy seemed to enjoy staring at leaves. She takes after her mom. Leaves make her smile.


Dave said...

Olin loves leaves too! It must be genetic. Or a result of the angle of strollers.

Sorry to hear about the picture orientation. Have you tried Live Writer? It's a free blog posting tool from MS that I use for my posts.

Sarah said...

i've been missing your posts and am happy to here you've been busy having fun!! looking forward to more photos! xooxoxo

Natalie said...

So fun...we are talking about visiting your area when Dave gets home in Dec. I really want to take the kids to Sea World. Have you been? Any recommendations of places to stay? We'd love to see you guys if you'll be in town.

Molly said...

Great to see a recent pic of your cute kids!! What a glorious Saturday activity. I can just see you soaking up all this beautiful world has to offer. You take time to stop and look at leaves. Love that. I miss being around you!!