Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Sorry to the grandparents that we haven’t posted these pictures earlier.  Here’s the kids in their Halloween costumes.  Wish we’d been able to capture more shots of Henry.  We may have to recreate some moments just to get his great batman moves.

Henry as Batman


(this is actually not the complete costume.  The complete costume calls for all black clothing, but this was at the corn maze and we didn’t want all black with that much hay around.  And at trick or treating time we were all too excited to remember to take pictures.  At least you can see a good batman pose.)

Lizzy as a flower child/princess/fairy/puff


She actually took second place at the corn maze costume contest in this.  We just think she’s cute. 

More pictures of the Lizzy girl


CIMG3709 CIMG3711


Hay is such a pain to get out of tulle.  But so worth it to get a fun picture of her.


Molly said...

I am dying over Lizzy's flower headband!!! Oh my cuteness!! I kindof want to wear it on my head. :)
Henry makes a great Batman. I can totally see that he has impressive Batman moves.
Thanks for these fun Halloween/Corn Maze posts. It looks like gorgeous weather. I know how you love fall!

Susan Young said...

That is the cutest baby EVER!!! That flower is the best. I am totally dying. WHat a cute family you all are. I love fun fall activities. Especially with old cowboys from Texas. LOVE IT. Miss you.