Monday, August 23, 2010

When the family gets together…

A couple of weeks ago all my family but Mark (we missed you Mark!!!) were able to gather for a little reunion here in San Antonio.  First can I just say I love hosting people.  Seriously, it was so much fun planning and organizing what to do.  Anyone else want to come visit? 

Here’s some quick snapshots of what we did—just to tide ya’ll over for the complete play by play.

Sitting around talking.  We Hedengrens do talking well!


Water games in the front yard with the cousins


Meals around our big table.  (It was fabulous to be able to sit around and just eat and talk.)


cousin time  (Nothing says togetherness like a gallop on a pony together.  Go Lizzy and Olin!)


Okay, that’s just some.  later I’ll post about sea world, six flags, guadalupe river, rodeos, caves, boats, and lots and lots of yummy restaurants.  For now I need to go to bed.  Henry’s got school tomorrow and that bus come way too early.  (7:12!!!!)

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