Monday, January 31, 2011

more Henry

Tonight after family home evening Henry came up to me and said "Mom, when I get married can my name be turkle?" I said sure (after all by the time he gets married he'll be an adult and if he still wants to be called turkle when he's in his 20s so be it.) When I asked him why he nonchalantly answered "it just sounds cool."
How I love my little boy. He is so fun and so so sweet. Here's how sweet he is. Last night I had a fireside to go to so a neighbor sat with the kids until me or Dell got home. (Dell was on call all weekend.) When Dell and I were doing the turn off all the lights routine Dell went to turn off the light in Henry's room. Henry sleepily called out "mom." When told it was Dad there he handed Dell a card he had made for me. Inside was beautifully written "I love you" and a stack of pokemon cards. In the morning he told me he'd picked out the cutest ones for me. How I love my dear sweet kind hearted little boy!


Sarah said...

what a sweetheart, just like his momma!

Molly said...

I think Turkle is going be very popular with the ladies. =) What a character! Love to hear what's coming out of your dear 6-year old's mouth. He's a cutie!