Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween 2011

This was the best Trick-or-Treating our neighborhood has ever seen. The house are almost all built now and there are so many more kids!  Henry was Sensei Wu (from Lego Ninjago) and Lizzy was Snow White. Her "Tank you! Ha-P Hal-ween" was amazingly cute.

You can kind of hear her lines at the start of the Video.

They got TONS!! of candy so I carried Henry's big bag (which we filld by the end of the night) and he used his hat flipped upside down.  


Margaret said...

Holy cow that video is adorable. Her "O-tay!" is beautiful :)

Molly said...

Such. Cute. Kids! Lizzy's voice is precious! I hope your pregnant self enjoyed a lot of the kid's chocolates this year. :-)
p.s. Quinn carried that same Pottery Barn black spider treat bag. Love it.

Emily Lyman said...

We have watched this video dozens of times. The kids insist on watching it before they go to bed. We love our cute little Lizzy!