Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Halloween was a perfect day.  The storm (the leftovers from hurricane Sandy) had brought some nice warm air with it and so temps were in the upper 50s.  Henry was the green ninja from Lego Ninjago while Lizzie was Rupunzel and Ellie was a flower.  I was so excited for Ellie to be a flower.  I've had the costume since Lizzie was a baby but it was too hot for Texas.  Perfect for Boston though.  And best of all Dell was able to get home a little early and go trick or treating in the village with us.

Girls on the front porch
(don't you love our pink house?!)

We started our festivities by dressing up and walking with our friends to our neighborhood center/ "the village" where the stores were providing trick or treat fun for the kids.  What a great atmosphere!  Lots of adorable kids running around, parents pushing strollers, and leaves crunching under foot. 
 Lizzie racing to the first store (an amazing bakery.  I am drooling just thinking about their morning buns.)

After the trick or treating we all came home and had soup in bread bowls.  A family from the neighborhood joined us as did a couple from Dell's work that are from Brazil.  They had never done trick or treating and it was really fun to wander the neighborhood with them during our second round of trick or treating.  (And I must say that our neighborhood is pretty amazing for trick or treating.  The kids ended up with several full sized bars each and we only hit about 10 houses.)  The downstairs neighbors came up after the second round of treat or treating for apple cider and pumpkin squares and we all stayed up way to late talking and laughing.  The next morning the kids turned in their candy for their Halloween treat (a nerf bow and arrow set for Henry and a lego friends set for Lizzie) and we sent the rest of the candy off to operation shoebox for them to share with the troops in Afghanistan before Dell and I could eat too much of it.

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