Monday, February 11, 2008

more new home

The playroom. I love having a place that Henry can romp in. We had friends over today and this place had every toy spread across the ground, but it was so nice not having that in my living room. The rug is my favorite part of the room. A great bargain from the outlets. :)
Master bedroom. You can't see it in this picture, but this room plus the bathroom is almost the size of our apartment. My treadmill is in here and there is still lots of empty space. You could fit a grand piano in here if you could make it up the stairs.
The master bath.
More master bath. The walk in closet is through the door to the right of the picture. The closet was too unorganized to photograph-- mostly baskets of clothes on the ground waiting for Dell to build some shelves.
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Kingston & Kristi said...

Woah! How fun. I'm excited for you guys! You're still in our ward right? Or are you in Canyon Springs now? (I couldn't tell by the description.) Your house is beautiful! I stumbled onto your blog from Dixie's ours is