Monday, February 11, 2008

Henry's 3rd Birthday Party

Since poor Henry had his birthday the day we moved, we had a make up party for him on Sunday. Alec and Dixie and their family-- including Dixie's wonderful parents-- came to help us celebrate. We had a fun dinner at our new giant table (seats 9 very comfortable, could easily do 12) and then had train and car cakes with ice cream. Henry enjoyed blowing out the candles so much we did it twice.

Getting ready to blow

Let's blow!!
I did it!!!!!
The gang. Dixie, Liam, Noble, Alec holding H, Dick, Pat, Henry.
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DixieJo said...

Yes, you can truly seat that many people comfortably! Thanks for allowing us to be the first guests!

Mickel, Stephanie, and Kaiya Jane said...

Hey, cool blog guys! I can't believe how big Henry is! Happy Birthday, Buddy! And your house is beautiful. Looks like life is good for the Dunns! I'm happy to have another way to keep in touch with you guys. We miss you!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Time flies when your having fun! Great house!! We also built a new house when we moved and had to wait in limbo for it to be finished...I think it makes you appreciate it sooo much more!

Colby, Mandy, & Tate said...

Hey guys,
Henry is getting so big. I am so glad you have a blog now. Your house is so nice!!!!!

Laura said...

Loved the party! Loved "I did it." Loved the house. Can't wait to get a truck for pottery barn and go with Henry.
We love you so much. So grateful for your comments and sharing with us.
Mom and Dad Dunn

Nielsen Family said...

WHOW time sure flies... I was a bit jealous when Micah got to see you in San Antonio... Henry is looking good!
Take care

Juli said...

We just noticed you started a blog. Henry's really growing up. It will be fun to see how you guys are doing.