Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sarah came to Visit!!!!!

Elijah eating his dinner and checking out the lime for the pasta salad.
Sarah and Elijah in the middle of the river.
Dell and Henry in the middle of the Guadalupe River.

Our dear dear dear friend Sarah (can you tell how much we love her) came to visit last week with her son Elijah. We've known Sarah since Dell's first year of medical school. She was in his anatomy lab group and he told me "you should meet Sarah, you'd like her." And told Sarah "you should meet my wife." We met and have been friends ever since.

Well Sarah brought 18 month old Elijah down for a couple of days in Texas and we had such a great time. Unfortunately I was having so much fun I forgot to bring my camera to most of what we did, but here's some highlights.

Alamo and Riverwalk. Ate outside at little Mexican restaurant on the river. Then got yummy chocolate.

Outlet shopping. Guadalupe River-- learning to skip rocks (Sarah is a natural, her first toss got two skips!) and eat rocks (though Elijah seemed to think water melon was tastier). Sonic tater tots and shakes and Elijah's first root beer float.

Kentucky Derby Cooking class (oh the mint brownies we can make now) browsing my favorite grocery store-- one of the nice things about Sarah is that she loves doing the boring things that I do. Who else would be happy to walk up and down aisles seeing what neat food is available?

Walks to parks, eating at Canyon Cafe, talking all day and night, and Henry waking up each morning asking for Elijah. When we dropped Sarah and Elijah off at the airport Henry sobbed. Miss you already Sarah and Elijah. Come back soon.


Sarah said...

I don't know how you have time to put together such great posts!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for having us over!! We love you all to pieces and had the MOST amazing time. We were already missing you on the plane ride home ;(
Sarah & Lili

Molly said...

What fun! What bliss! Sarah and Anna together again. I loved reading this post. I envisioned myself strolling the Riverwalk with the two of you, skipping rocks (Quinn is a master at tossing rocks, I am fair at skipping), slurping root beer floats with Elijah and popping mint brownies into our mouths as fast as they came outta the oven! I'm so happy for this wonderful reunion. Love you both......

The Awesome Rawsons said...

spending time with a good friend is like medicine to the soul, isn't it?
The Guadalupe River looks like a great spot. You'll have to tell me about it and maybe share your recipe for mint brownies? :)