Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sonic Goodness

On the way back from the Guadalupe River we stopped at Sonic for shakes and tater tots. Henry was very excited about his milkshake and Sarah got a root beer float that Elijah promptly ripped out of her hands. We all had a blast watching Elijah enjoy his first float-- he was not keen on sharing it at all! Poor Sarah had to content her self with a couple of slurps and tater tots.

Pictures (above) "don't you touch my root beer float" (below) two little boys happy at Sonic

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Kendra said...

SONIC!!! I'm so jealous! They advertise up here in WI, but there are no stores. To get to our first ward building in SA, almost every turn was landmarked with a Sonic. So tempting on Sundays!