Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just got back from a fun activity with the young women of our ward. How I love them!!! They bring me such joy. We had a hilarious time tonight making wedding dresses out of toliet paper. They turned out surprisingly good. I wish I had my camera to show you how talented these girls are.
I'm home now, thinking I should go to bed. Lizzie is sleeping in the bouncy chair at my feet. Dell is at the other computer. Henry is upstairs asleep. The curtains are open and it's a perfect night outside. I should go out and admire the stars. And I am content. Happy. Life is good. And here's two random pictures to prove it. (They had to be random because on the laptop all I can access is the name of the picture and my brain doesn't remember what cmz.2000393.jpg is.) :)

Cute little Lizzie all dressed up for her first Sunday at church. Isn't she cute!!!Lizzie in her sling. My dear friend Sarah from medical school days has lent me her baby slings for Lizzie. THANK YOU THANK YOU Sarah! Lizzie lives in her sling when we are out and about and you wouldn't believe the comments I get on how cute they are. I feel cute and stylish when I wear them. I've decided a new baby in a cute sling is the ultimate accessory and one of the few I enjoy wearing. Doesn't she look happy all squish up in there? We go on walks, grocery shopping, music class, and even just around the house in the magic sling.

so you see, life is good. Blessed as they say here in Texas. Blessed, yep, that's us. Hope you all are feeling blessed too.


Amanda and Andy said...

Hi Anna, I'm glad you are doing well. Lizzie is a beautiful baby! Thank goodness for you or I would not know anyone in San Antonio. It makes moving there seem less scary. You'll have to show us the ropes. I'll be calling you.

Sarah said...

Sweet Anna, What a beautiful post! It's good to hear you are doing well, and I am glad that you are enjoying the slings!! Elijah is nearly 30 lbs, but I still put him in my ERGO carrier now and then!! The photos are darling.. I still can't get over how much she looks like Henry! Miss you!! Love, Sarah

Beth Hedengren said...

What a beautiful child little Lizzie is! And what a lovely post. I could just see you contented in your chair.