Tuesday, March 31, 2009

words to wake up to

So here's what I've woken up to the last couple of days.

"Hi Mom! I need hand, hand, face (our family's slang for needing your face and hands cleaned). I ate... "
choose one: honey, candy, ice cream (the whole carton was sitting on the table), sausage (frozen straight from the freezer and smothered in ketchup), ice cream sandwiches, popsicles.

"I gave myself a haircut."

I think I need to stop sleeping in. Though luckily besides hair on the carpet I can't quit tell where the haircut took place. I think I should probably lock all the scissors away too.


Heidi said...

Oh the joys of motherhood. I usually get less of these mornings after my babies are born than while I am pregnant. A few weeks ago I was in the shower and Lilly came in covered in something brown and red I was really worried at first to find the source, but the mess ended up being outside so I was lucky that time!

Mandy said...

Hi Anna. I would love to call her for sure! Thanks for thinking of us. That would be great to get her opinion on things. You can email me her info at mandyengar@gmail.com.
Thanks a bunch and your family is so cute!

Heather and Zac said...

Hi Anna! Congratulations on the new addition! She is adorable! Maddie gave herself a little hair cut this week too...so I totally know how it is! I'm starting to run out of places out of reach and locked away!
Best wishes to you guys!
-Heather Bailey

mlh said...

Gave myself a haircut? Man, that's what started my short-hair problem when I was pre-school.

Mo said...

Okay it's like camping - you've got to hang all the honey and good food from a tree branch to keep the bears out. We have a neice who liked to spread mustard, honey, etc on furnature when Mom was sleeping or feeding new baby so at least its not vengefull! Miss you guys!