Friday, May 27, 2011

May 15 2011 Day 2

May 15 2011 Day 2

After the late night last night we slept in and took our time getting ready and having breakfast. I went and picked up a rental car while Anna got the kids a bath and our stuff repacked.  On the way down to D.C. to see Dave and Margaret we came across the Washington D.C. temple which stunningly appears after a bend on the highway. So we stopped at the visitors center for an hour or so.  There was a funny article in a California paper after the San Diego temple was built about how Mormons ignore the “separation of Church and Interstate” which also applies to the DC temple...really is beautiful though.  

We made it to D&M’s place in around 1:30 and just enjoyed the afternoon and evening chatting and watching the kids play. Lizzy and Olin are only a few months apart and get along quite well for two-year-olds.

We walked around a natural trail area/park that, after 4 months of drought in Texas, seems impossibly lush and the kids played “Pooh-sticks”…yes Dave confirmed that feculent name is indeed what they call it in the Winnie-the-pooh books when you throw a stick in a stream on one side of a bridge and watch it come out the other.  

Dave and I are about to play “Call of Duty” with Mark online, nice to have a brother-in-law show up when you need cannon-fodder. 

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