Friday, May 27, 2011

May 16 2011 Day 3

May 16 2011 Day 3

Woke up at Dave and Margarets, had a pleasant morning with them and got some laundry done (I know, only 2 days worth, but who knows when we’ll get another good chance). We went to see their new place (set to close June 27), a beautiful little colonial style townhouse in a great neighborhood...rats, just realized we forgot to take any pictures.


Then on to the DC Zoo (which is free with free street parking, lots are lots more) and saw probably the coolest Zoo exhibit I’ve ever seen. There were two thick ropes strung between a string of towers about 30-40 feet above the ground and going over the walkway between two enclosures. (Pictures to follow). We looked up and saw a super-shaggy Orangatang hanging over one of the enclosures which then proceeded to monkey swing over the path to the cheers of the gathered onlookers far below and climb down the other side.

One of the more interesting exhibits was a report on a not-so-secret government project Dave discovered to create a human-lizard hybrid. Gotta love DARPA. 

After the Zoo we had Gyros and made a quick visit to the National Cathedral before we had to head up to the Baltimore airport. That’s where we’re at right now in the USO kids room watching Shrek. Our flight leaves at 00:20 am with roll call at 1030 (about 30 minutes). There’s almost 80 seats available so we’re pretty much guaranteed a spot.  Yay!!  Spending the weekend in DC instead of Germany may have been a bit disappointing initially, but we got to see Dave and Margaret and Olin and just had fun being together as a family.  It was perfect.

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