Sunday, March 2, 2008

Missing snow?

Last Sunday Dell was working on the computer while I prepared my primary lesson. Henry was in the pantry supposedly getting a snack. But he was there for a while, and then quiet little rustles and plops started to sound. Suddenly Dell exclaimed "Henry stop that!!!" and I looked over to find a flour covered child. Henry explained that it was just like snow and didn't seem as remorseful as he should, but I was just grateful it was flour, not peanut butter. Though it still took a while to clean up.

"It's like snow."

Don't you love the little footprints?
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Nielsen Family said...

I guess that I am dreaming... I was sure I left a comment on here.. oh boy... I think my computer is having some trouble...or just my brain:)
Anyways... I love the flour mess... that is sure what Eva and Ian would do when I hear no noise.
It is fun to have some Wisconsin back in your home :) right?