Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Missions

We were lucky enough to have a great friend from Wisconsin, Elizabeth Miller, come down last weekend. Luckily we had one day of nice weather while she was here. Sorry about the rain the other days. But thanks for ending the drought. We had a great time playing with Elizabeth (big thanks by the way to Jordan for watching the kids at letting Elizabeth come down to Texas to play with us.) Here's some of the itinerary.
Saturday: Bike the missions. Most people only think of the Alamo when the come to San Antonio, but I think the prettiest and most interesting missions are the other 4 or 5 that are further south. A bike trail connects them all and we borrowed an extra bike and took Elizabeth for a ride along them. After touring the missions we stopped at Canyon Cafe for a late big lunch (I LOVE their sweet potato chips and salsa) and then headed home for some HGTV and a rest. Once restored we headed back downtown to the riverwalk where we found spring break in full swing-- dang it. And after trying to find a restaurant without a wait we headed north and ended up stopping at Sonic. Not particularly refined but allowed us to chat while Henry slept in his carseat.
Sunday: Dell leaves for 36 hours at the hospital (not liking ICU much so far). Walk around the neighborhood before the rain. Church. (I've got a new calling. YWs 1st C.!!! I am so excited. YWs is so much fun. That's working with the 12-18 year old girls for those of you not into LDS abbreviations.) Then home for dinner and more HGTV. Girl time rocks.
Monday: The outlets. Of course. We had a fun time despite Noah's ark amounts of rain. Pottery Barn didn't have spectacular deals though we did find a Calphalon dutch oven for 40 dollars at the Calphalon outlet. I made curry in it and it really tasted better. And it looks so pretty. :)

Elizabeth looking tough by her bike.

Henry in front of the chapel at Mission San Jose. The carvings by the door are beautiful and the door even cooler.

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