Sunday, June 29, 2008

road trip

When we heard that my grandma had died we decided to drive not fly to Utah. (In part because of the price of airplane tickets and in part because we love road trips.) Henry was an amazing traveler. He'd entertain himself for two hours with looking out the window, reading books, coloring, toys, etc... then watch an ipod show, and then we'd stop and run around and eat. Then he'd sleep and start the routine again. It was great! Dell and I listened to audio books and chatted. It was like a long date.

We did the drive in two days each way and it was nice having a car in Utah. We split our time between parents and got to be in Utah for Dell's parents homecoming talks.

Here's some highlights

Having all my brothers and sisters around and having the what is becoming a tradition Hedengren Laser tag night. Nothing says fun like stalking your spouse and siblings around a dark black lite maze. Mark rules us all, but I usually manage a respectable 2nd or 3rd place finish. Man, I wish I could play again.

Henry falling asleep on the couch after watching train movies with my dad.

Sitting in my parents backyard watching Henry play fearlessly with Frodo (the dog as tall as he is and much shaggier) while Dell and Mary play badmitten and the rest of us relax at table or hammock and talk. Talking is one of the things Hedengrens do best.

Dinner at grandma's house with all the finch family.

Lunch at the church after the funeral with family and friends. Meeting Cousin Jim and my mom's other cousins. And the comforting, familiar funeral lunch put on by the Relief Society. I love this tradition in the church.

Hearing Dell's parents give their homecoming talks.

Staying at the cabin for a couple of days

Playing Settlers of Cattan with Jenny and Fu and parents

Getting to know Jenny better-- she's wonderful!!!

Henry throwing rocks in the river

Hiking the big springs trail

Looking for property up south fork-- one can dream right?

Henry searching for snow with Dell
Bowling with Cousins. Don't you love Henry's shoes!

playing in the water. That stream was soooo cold! Texas had made me forget how cold snow fed streams are. Brrrrr! Henry adjusted quickly though and got completely soaked sailing boats and throwing rocks.

Finding snow. This little patch providing "skiing" an a snowball fight. Not bad eh?

Red rock stop on the drive home. I love this country! And Henry was pretty proud of himself for climbing up by himself.

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