Sunday, June 29, 2008

visits from Grandparents

May was a time of visitors and it was great. My parents came and stayed with us for a week and then Dell's parents came by. We had so much fun with grandmas and grandpas and we all are missing them.

Here's some highlights from my parents visit
This is Henry playing on the wii fit that Mom and Dad brought. Thank you!!!!!! We play with it all the time and love it. Especially the balance games. What's best is that Henry likes watching us do it as much as doing it himself.

Of course we went to the river walk. Henry lay down and put his hand in the water and then two other little kids came over and did it too. Guess Henry is a bad example, but oh well, you just can't keep a kid from water and this way is better than the total immersion way. At the riverwalk we discovered our new favorite restaurant-- Boudros. Yum yum yum. Mom and Dad had lobster tail with spinach and cheese empandas. I had a fabulous green salad with papaya and pine nuts and Dell had grilled pork with the tastiest garlic mashed potatoes and wilted spinach EVER! Yum. It was so good we took Dell's parents there too. Oh and the best part is the guacamole that they make right at the table for you. We ate two bowls full.
We also explored historic San Antonio starting with the mission trail. This is mom and Henry inside a room at Mission San Jose. We all enjoyed walking around, thought the visitor center movie was a little lame, and Henry and grandma and grandpa enjoyed the light up map with narration. After Mission San Jose we saw another mission and then Henry and I were out of steam.

Another day we went to the spanish govenor's mansion, though mansion may be a bit of a stretch, it was tiny. But the gardens were lovely and cool. Henry and grandpa and fun at the fountain while grandma and I rested in the shade. Then in the kitchen Henry got to grind corn-- it's a family tradition. There are many pictures of me as a child grinding corn in Mesa Verde Colorado.

All in all it was a great trip. I'm so grateful my parents had a conference in Austin and could come early to spend time with us.

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Heidi said...

Henry is so adventurous! :) I can't believe how grown-up he is getting.