Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well we decided it was time for Henry's first movie and thought WALL e would be a good one. It was one that Dell and I wanted to see and had robots and space for Henry. But we know that Henry is afraid of IMAX theaters and pretty much every Disney movie we've tried (tender boy) so we did some prep first. We watched trailers and stuff until Henry was requesting them and then headed to the theater yesterday. Henry was scared to walk in (afraid of the dark) so I carried him and he picked our seat and we sat down to wait for Dad and the popcorn. Before the movie started I passed Henry a little blanket and we talked about what to do if we feel scared and we practiced hiding our eyes under the blanket together. Well the first half of the movie had Henry under the blanket a good bit of the time (it reminded me of ET for some reason)-- sometimes the whole head, sometimes one eye peeking out, it was pretty cute. Then when the ship blasted off, Henry came and sat on my lap with his blanket. My little wiggle boy was very snuggly and still. He made it through the whole movie though could not get out of the theater fast enough when the credits came on. And when we came home he lay down on the couch with a blanket and we talked about what was scary and what was fun. I love my sweet sweet little boy.


Mike said...

Wall-e! What a great pick. I think taking a blanket with you to any movie is always a wise move. Who knows what's out there and when you'll need a place to hide. Wish we could be there - Quinn and Henry could have a movie party.

Mo said...

How bizzare! We took Aiden to see Wall-e that same week. It was his first theatre movie and he enjoyed it - but was a bit loud with his comments about the lonely robot and his new friend. Had to resort to popcorn and suckers to make it through the last bit. So have you checked out the Wall-e website? Aiden LOVES building robots on it.