Wednesday, December 2, 2009

covered in love

I wish I had the camera so you could see a picture of what I'm about to explain, but alas, the camera is with Dell in Chicago where hopefully he is taking all sorts of great pictures.

Today Henry and I played the Curious George helper game which is a great kids game where occasionally you get a card that says "ask another player if there is anything you can get for them." That's Henry's favorite card and he will play it over and over again. I sometimes have a hard time thinking of things I need after the first 3 times. Well the fourth time he got the card I asked for a blanket because hey, it's like 45 degrees outside now. Brrrrr! So Henry opened the hope chest and got me a big blanket. But that wasn't enough to make me "warm and comfy"-- his words. And so he got every throw pillow in the room, 2 more blankets, stuffed animals, tissues, a ball, two toy reindeer, part of an amazon box, a bowl of apple slices (that I had gotten for him when I had the what can I get you card) and a pine branch that he's been treasuring since our trip to Home depot to get our tree. Then, as I sat buried and bundled and surround by love Henry fanned me with a little paper fan so I could smell the fabulous pine smell better. I am the luckiest mom ever to have such a sweet sweet sweet little boy.

(He also, while I was dropping a goodie off at a friends house, dumped an entire container of cereal puffs on his little sister. He says it was the only way to get her to stop crying. It sure worked, but she was buried in cereal puffs. Hmmmm, maybe he was just trying to make her warm and cozy.)


Dave said...

So cute! I love the image of that sweet cuddly cave Henry built for you!

I've also heard that cereal puffs igloo are an important wilderness survival technique.

DixieJo said...

great story and images in my head!

Sarah said...

henry is such a sweetie!! my sister and i used to make 'nests' out of pillows when we were little. so fun relive childhood through our little ones ;)

Susan Young said...

Precious. Boys should always cherish the women in their lives. I hope it never goes away. Enjoy your "long winter's nap".

Dave said...

You are lucky! I surely hope Olin will grow up to be such a wonderful kid - though I highly suspect his being so wonderful is largely a product of having a mother who is so dedicated to showing him that he is loved. You're a great mom, Anna!