Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at the Westin Hotel

The Westin Hotel does a great thing every Christmas.   They host the Holiday Legends party with bells, cowboy poets, choirs, and snow!

It starts in a grassy area in back of the hotel where a local choir sings and the kids admire the view and freak their mothers out by leaning over the ledge.  This year we were lucky enough to go with cousins!  (Seriously, having Alec and Dixie nearby is beyond wonderful.  Henry loves his cousins so much and I love my sister-in-law.  And Alec is our dedicated BYU football buddy.  Games are so much more fun with him!)


After the choir warms us up the cowboy Makin Dust comes out and starts telling us some Christmas legends.  Like what the first settlers used for Christmas trees and where the whole idea of decorating cookies came from.  And the kids all get a small bell.  Remember the bell.  It’s magic.


From the grassy area we move to fire pit near the pool (no pictures of that since I was too busy trying to keep Henry out of the pool.)

Then we move to a rocky area behind the hotel where some more tales are told and songs are sang.


And then the kids all close their eyes and ring their bells and…. IT SNOWS!!!


Then when the hands get too cold from throwing snowballs we head into the warm lobby for hot cider, sugar cookies, and fine chocolates.  Yum!


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Margaret said...

What a lovely Christmas tradition! Hurray for having Christmas miracles that can actually happen!

We missed having you hear at the Hedengren house, but hope that we will get to see you all some time soon.