Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Okay it was really a coyote.

The other day on the way to take Henry to the bus we decided to drive instead of walk because it was cold and drizzly.  As we pulled out of the garage I saw a shape on our front door and wondered if we had a package I’d missed (glorious amazon.)  When I angled the car so the headlights were on the front door I saw two beady little eyes staring back at me.  Icky!!!! There was a coyote on my door mat!!!


(and no that’s not a red bandana on him, that’s the wound that kept him on my doorstep.)

When Lizzy and I got home I quickly called wildlife rescue and they sent a sweet volunteer out to try and catch him.  He was skittish so it ended up being me, the volunteer, and two neighbors that got him into the kennel that would take him to the animal hospital.  I’m glad he got cared for, but I sure threw that mat away fast.  And cleaned the whole porch.  Coyotes are really mangy looking.

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Sarah said...

great animal rescue!! you could have your own wonder pets episode ;)