Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope ya’ll had a great new year’s eve.  We had one of our best ever.  Some friends invited us up to their property up north a bit for a hot dog/marshmallow roast and fireworks.  It was beautiful to be out of the city, and our friends are some great people so being with them is always wonderful.  We had a great time roasting hot dogs, marshmallows (though Henry does not like his toasted apparently) and enjoying the fireworks.  Dell’s decided that the ones that shoot into the air are the only way to go and next year we’re forgetting about sparklers and fountains and just going for the big guns.  Henry liked building the fire and wearing a head lamp when the sun went down.  LIzzy liked being outside.  She sat on her chair and clapped and she likes snuggling when the sun went down and it got COLD.  I liked sitting by a fire.  It made me long for camping and now that it’s getting warm we may just have to go next weekend Dell’s off.  I also loved coming back to our place for sparking cider and games after putting the kids to bed.  And we even stayed up to almost midnight.  :)


Dell and Henry get the fire going.


Lizzy enjoying her seat.


Henry covering his ears for the loud fireworks.


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