Thursday, January 28, 2010


Monday was such a beautiful day and Dell was home since he was starting nights that day so when Henry asked for a picnic as he got off the bus we just had to make it happen.


We had leftover, peanut butter sandwiches, pear, chocolate milk, and watered down juice.  Lizzy was like babyzilla and walked/crawled through everyone’s food.  She got filthy.  But she did become proficient at drinking from a straw sippy cup.



Thanks for the suggestion Henry.  It was a fabulous picnic.


Beth Hedengren said...

I am so jealous of all that lovely weather! We're here in the snow and cold haze. What a cute family you are. I'm glad I'm related.

Margaret said...

Hurrah for the spontaneous events that make life exciting!

gassins said...

Ahhh... I can't believe you are outside having a picnic in the end of January! How awesome is that! I forget there are places like that in the world. Take your adorable kids for a run around the block (or two or three) for us! Love and miss you guys and wish we could play!

Susan Young said...

Wow... a picnic in January. Texas is nice. Love the post about the weather and time. How true that is... I remember that from living in Arizona. Time just kind of mushes together without a lot of differentiation with the seasons. Your daughter is beautiful. Don't you with you could just freeze your kids. I do almost everyday.