Monday, February 15, 2010

yellow belt

A couple of weeks ago Henry had his belt test.  It was awesome to see him trying so hard.  He really wanted his yellow belt.  He was tired of being a white belt surrounded by belts of many colors.

Here he is doing a palm heel strike.  (The great teacher had the kids turn and do their moves facing their parents for a bit to give all of us some photo opportunities.)


Henry about to break a board—a real board!  And he did it in only three tries!  Go Henry. 


The class after getting their new belts being fierce.


Now the class being their normal selves.  Silly.



Margaret said...

I love the silly picture. The first picture is quite striking (hahaha...pun intended...oh I kill myself), not least because Henry is such a sweet guy I don't think I've every actually seen him looking so fierce!

Molly said...

How darling is this post?!?!?! Henry takes karate! I love it.
You & Dell are the coolest parents for getting Henry involved in this fully awesome sport. Every kid's dream!