Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zoo Day

Since Dell had President’s Day off and he’d been working all weekend long we decided we needed to do something fun and so to the zoo we went.  It was Lizzy’s first time and I think my favorite part was introducing the animals to her.  She loved seeing them all and did the sign for elephant at the elephant (and the bear, but we’re working on that) and said “blub blub” for the fish.  I think the fish and the hyenas were her favorite.  Not sure why the hyenas, but she sure squealed, smiled, and reached for them.  Mangy animals.  We’ve got to work on her taste in creatures.  :)

Looking at the hyenas


Henry feeding the birds.


Lizzy playing Praire Dog.


1 comment:

Mo said...

Cute! Not much beats a good day at the zoo! Animals, snackies, rides in a stroller. Miss you!