Wednesday, February 24, 2010

monkey see, monkey do?

This morning after taking Henry to the bus I was wiping the kitchen counters.  Lizzy crawled over to the cabinet where we keep the towels and dishrags, opened it, grabbed a towel and crawled to a spot on the floor where water had splashed while loading the dishwasher and proceeded to wipe it up.  Hmmmm, I wonder if I can teach her to vacuum?



So proud!


And to prove this isn’t an isolated occurrence here’s a picture from the other day when Henry and I were doing our chores and wiping baseboards and windowsills.  CIMG4147

Lizzy will be available to clean your house when she is 16.  Until then I’m hogging all her skills.

Clean baby clean!



Bryn said...

She is super cute! I have to say - beautiful floors!

Paige said...

send her my way! so I can't remember your email. I think the middle letter was E. If yes I got it right, if not, email me please. My brain is thinking numbers not letters (taxes).

Margaret said...

That is so adorable! She is getting so big and independent. Now if only Olin could clean floors. Right now he's still in the "throwing stuff on them" phase.

Beth Hedengren said...

I can hardly wait for Lizzie to come to our house next week to help clean! Obviously, she has some pretty good role models.