Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Most of our garden is not thriving, but the blackberries…. oh the blackberries.  We’ve picked bowls and bowls full.  We’ve made blackberry cobbler 4 times and had plenty for snacking too.  I love sun warmed berries fresh off the vine.  In fact, it’s been two days since we’ve picked and I’d better get out there.  Hmmm, maybe blackberry cobbler for dinner tonight.




Aren’t they too cute.  They love each other so much.


Henry’s itching one of the 100 mosquito bites he got on the father’s and son’s campout.


Margaret said...

Mmmm...blackberry cobbler. Sounds delicious. Those are two adorable (and loving!) little kids!

Natalie said...

yum yum, my kids picked some wild ones yesterday and today...If they keep it up we will make a pie or cobble soon=) (That is if I don't eat them all first)