Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When it rains…

A couple of weeks ago I was finishing up preparations for a baby shower I was hosting that morning when I heard the sound of a good Texas rain.  Racing to the front window, this is what I saw.



now the side yard


and finally the back yard


The ironic thing is that we had just refilled the sandbox on Saturday (since the last big rain washed all the sand away.)  bye bye new sand.  We have since landscaped the area on the other side of the fence from the sandbox in a way that should divert the water from the sandbox and onto the grass instead.  Then it’s just like irrigation right?   Or maybe we can convince KB to keep the construction debris picked up so it doesn’t clog the grate on the drainage opening. 

Hoping to clear at least the lake in the street (to allow people to park for the shower) I quickly changed my clothes and ran out to the curb where I filled up a bucket with stuff and then the waters magically receded from our yard.  Hmmm, maybe when we sell our house we can list it as an occasional river front property.  :)

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Sarah said...

Wow!!! Sorry you lost the new sand...

After Ike one of John's friends told about how some guys on their street took occasional mad dashes out to clear the storm drains. Dangerous, but it saved several homes from flooding!