Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The graduate

Henry graduated from pre-school yesterday.  I was surprised how sweet it was.  The sight of all those little kids walking into the cafeteria with their paper graduation hats made me tear up.  Oh dear.  I’m sorry the pictures aren’t better, but Lizzy had been woken up from her nap to go to the graduation and she needed to be held the whole time which makes for tricky camera work.


The graduates waiting for their diploma


Henry getting his diploma from the principal.  He got the award of “most inquisitive.”  Each kid got an award that the teachers came up with such great ones.  Best Puzzle builder, best helper, even best line leader awards were given out.


Henry with his beloved Mrs. James.  Can’t you just see how much he loves her?!  Really.  He loves loves loves her.  I’m so grateful for him to have had such a wonderful adult in his life.  And one that loves him too.  Thank you Mrs James for being such a great teacher.

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