Monday, April 21, 2008

Camping in germany

We drove for several hours after landing at Ramstein AFB (sweet base by the way-- would love to be stationed there.) It was getting dark and rainy so we thought we ought to find a place for the night. Since the hotels were super expensive we pulled out the camping gear and slept at this little camper ground. It was cold in the night-- I slept with my IVF medicine so it wouldn't freeze, but Henry was super bundled and slept great. And we learned that you really can camp in almost anything-- even practically freezing rain.

Henry in the morning. One of the other campers came by and in his German accent said "it was very fresh last night no?" Fresh, what a perfect word for the weather. 2 degrees C is definitely fresh.

The wonderful kids bathroom at the campground. Isn't it cute. Henry never used it since we only discovered it after he was dressed. The mens and womens bathrooms also had the most wonderful showers of our whole trip. Sigh. They were perfect.
Where the snow line was in the morning-- about 30 feet above our camp.

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