Monday, April 21, 2008


(Pictures from left to right. TOP row: Castle in Germany, Neuschwanstein, Roman area in Verona Italy, Italian street, crossing a bridge in Venice, 2nd Row: Church in Venice, chasing pigeons in St. Mark's plaza Venice, riding a gondola across the grand canal, our gondola. 3rd Row: Santa Maria de Salute Venice, Cathedrale in Florence, Riding a carrosel in Venice, camping, leaning tower of Pisa. 4th Row: Ceiling of Pisa Cathedrale, riding train to Cinque Terre Italy, One of the cities of Cinque Terre- 2 pictures, the walk between the cities. Last row: Hiking to Burg Eltz Germany, Entering Burg Eltz, lunch of chickpea and cheese pizza and stuffed spinach pie in Cinque Terre, duplicates of first pictures.)

Well at the last minute we decided to take advantage of one of the perks of being in the military and take one of the AF flights to Germany. We flew to Baltimore and spent a great day in DC with my brother and his wife and then the next day crossed our fingers that we'd make it on the flight to Germany. We did!!! And had a great flight over-- nice regular plane with two meals and Henry almost the whole way and Dell and I did too. So when we hit Europe we were ready to go.
We rented a little compact mercedes with a navigation system that we promptly named Lisele-- she had such a calm voice. "Please take a u turn" whenever we messed up following her directions. And then we headed east and south into Germany. We drove through germany, austria, northern italy, and switzerland. (though we just drove straight through austria and switzerland since it was cold and rainy in both of those countries. We'll linger longer next time. We had a wonderful trip and Henry was a star. He adjusted quickly and was a real sport about long walks through cities and long drives through countries. We played a lot of tag and I Spy and ate a lot of ice cream. It was a great trip!


Laura said...

Wow! What a fun trip. I felt like I was there enjoying it with you. Those snowy pictures seem so foreign as we're in well over 100 degrees here.
Thanks so much for the fun time. Henry is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! So are both of you, but there aren't a lot of pictures of the two of you. We want to come next time, if you're up for it.

LATobler said...

What a fun trip! Your pictures are beuatiful! I love how spontanious you guys are.

Mike Johnson said...

We have dibs to be family #2 in your castle. For the third family, we just have to find a chef who's married to an auto mechanic and we're set for life. What a great trip! I have good memories of that end of the world...we need you to show us around Venice some time.

Mo said...

Good for you guys for up and going on an adventure! Sounds like you made good use of your time there and Henry was - as always - wonderful. I love the "astronaut" chairs comment. Make sure your castle has a guest room so we can come visit. Miss you guys SO much!

Juli said...

What a great trip you had! We will have to try that sometime while we are in the Air Force.

Nielsen Family said...

COOL deal! Your adventures are great!!! You are on my list as the
"The Adventurers who have FUN!".
Henry is so big too and the hair!
Beautiful! Miss you.
Take care