Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Europe fun

Henry trying his first Kinder Egg. Unfortunately (or fortunately for Dell and I) Henry could not be persuaded to eat the chocolate shell so we had to eat them for him and then he played with the toy. The toys were great. I bought a couple for the plane because each egg was good for at least 30 minutes of play time. Wahoo. And I got the chocolate. So definitely a win win situation.

Gelato in the car! Gelato was a theme of our time in Europe and this little place in some tiny little town had our favorite. Unfortunately Henry was incredibly cranky at the time and was not as good about sharing as he usually was. Which was a real shame because the strawberrry and pistachio gelato on his cone was better than the nutella and mystery white gelato on ours. (I have no idea what the white flavor was because I speak no italian-- besides Grazie now-- and the lady in the shop knew zero English. But she had a great smile and we managed just fine. Just wish I choose a second strawberry scoop for me and Dell.)

Henry "driving" our little mercedes while stopped at a rest stop in Switzerland during our all night drive back to Germany. We loved our little A class and especially "Lisele" the GPS navigation unit it had that got us through the countries we didn't have maps for.

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