Sunday, April 20, 2008

strawberry fields

When we moved from Wisconsin one of the things we thought we would be sure to miss was the berry picking. But surprise! Texas has strawberries too. Just in March instead of June. So one Tuesday when Dell had a day off we drove an hour and a half up to Friedricksburg to Marburger orchards for some great strawberries. (Wisconsin's are better though.) After picking our 6 pounds of berries we went into Friedricksburg itself. Such a cute little tourist town. We searched everywhere for the famous Rather Sweet bakery and had the best lemon square ever. Yum!

Wildflowers in the orchard

Racing to strawberries. (Notice the hair)
The expert strawberry chooser
This picker was more about speed than quality, but loved running up and down the rows.
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Mickel, Stephanie, and Kaiya Jane said...

Looks like fun, guys! I must say that although it is finally starting to be spring-like here, I am truly jealous of your weather!!! Miss you!