Monday, April 21, 2008


It was chilly the morning we went to neuschwanstein and we cursed ourselves for leaving our jackets on the flight to baltimore and cursed Continental Airlines for not finding and returning them. (They're still missing!) BUt doesn't the castle look magical in the mist.
Hiking up to the castle in the SNOW! Henry loved the hike up and the snow. (and the horse poop along the way from the horse drawn carriages that take those not so cheap up to the castle. He calls this the poop picture. Is this a fascination all three year olds have or do I need to be concerned?)

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Mo said...

So glad Henry was adventurous for ya! Aiden has to point out every bit of goose poop we pass at the park... and he makes us stop and clean the stuff off his tricycle wheels every 5 feet, so be glad you could avoid the horse "droppings" better!