Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cabo San Lucas Kayaking

Cabo San Lucas was our first and favorite port. Being cheap people we didn't book anything until we made it to shore and then found a kayak rental place that would rent us a double kayak and a set of snorkling gear for half the day for 55 dollars. Mom and Dad came with us (aren't they cool adventurers!) and we got loaded up.

Henry wasn't too keen about going in a "wobbly boat" at first but once he helped dump water on it to wash off the sand he was ready to go. Strange I know, but whatever works. We headed out and it took me a while to find my kayaking rhythm but once I did we started moving better (also Dell had to figure out how to paddle with a Henry on his lap.) Henry had a great time. Every time we passed a boat Henry would cry out "Howdy howdy! Launch water balloons!!" We had talked about getting water balloons to attack the boats we'd be taking in Mazatlan and I guess Henry picked up and embraced the pirate tendencies of his parents. Unfortunately we had no water balloons as we figured they weren't great for the environment, so Henry just called with glee and never got to launch anything.

We paddled out to Land's End (the tip of the baja pennisula where the bay and the Pacific ocean meet.) We stayed far from the pacific since it had some good size waves and we were little and with a child-- and with child. (We also wondered why it is that we also end up in a kayak when I'm around 3-4 months pregnant. With Henry it was running the Snake River in Jackson hole in a little rubber kayak, with this one sea kayaking in Cabo. Hmmmmm. What is it about kayaks and pregnancy for us?)

Here's a picture I tried to take while we were out on the water. Sorry about the view of my nose.

Lands End and the arch. Mom and Dad are the kayakers in the picture. The sea lion colony was just to the left, but never got a really great picture of them.

playing in the surf on Lover's Beach. The surf was powerful. Getting our kayaks on and off the beach was tough! But Henry loved the powerful waves. We'd hang onto the handle of his lifejacket (handy thing that) and then just let him we washed around.

Running to the waves!

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