Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Puerto Vallarta

By the time we got to Puerto Vallarta we were pretty sunburned and ready for a little time on land. So dear Dell got off the ship early and found a guy with a big van, who spoke great English and was willing to drive us wherever we wanted to go for the next 7 hours. Bine, Mom and Dad, and Sis and Rob decided to come along and so we had 7 adults 6 kids along for the ride. It was so much FUN! I'm glad we had all those wonderful people with us and our driver "Bob" was great. As was the van. A brand new toyota touring van where the driver could hook his mic directly into the sound system to give us all an informative tour of Puerto Vallarta.

We saw some great things.
Beautiful Ocean views.

A crazy guy diving blindfolded from granite rocks into waterfalls. (he clears the middle part to land in the bottom pool.)

Played in the tamer section of the river and had a fun lunch at the restaurant on the shore. Even heard traditional music played while we ate.

And went horseback riding!

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