Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Kayaking

After leaving Lover's Beach we headed to one of the little beaches we'd seen as we paddled. Lover's Beach was a cool beach that went through the pennisula to have beach on the bay and Pacific side. The waves on the Pacific side were intense and almost swept Dad away. But the beach was crowded and lots of tour boats were dropping people off every minutes so we decided to head somewhere quieter.
Captain Henry on our little beach. Dell and Dad were out checking out the snorkling. They said it was amazing! "Swimming through fish."
Playing on the beach.

Henry and Dell playing in the water. Henry just loved hanging on to me or Dell while we floated in the water. He could not get enough of the warm warm water.

We climbed lots of rocks on our little beach and saw crabs, barnacles and all sorts of shelly creatures. Henry liked trying to pull them off the rocks and then watching them scoot back into position.