Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sleeping child

I don't know why, but I love watching Henry sleep. Maybe it's because he's so full of energy during the day that it's fun to watch him holding perfectly still. And then he also tends to sleep in funny positions. I loved this one. The stuffed tiger sitting on his chest ready to protect him. He has different security items every night. Last night he came into my room at 4 am dragging his moon and stars blanket, a book, and his sailor hat. Whatever, we snuggled it all until he fell back asleep. Sweet little boy.


Nielsen Family said...

Too cute. He is so big. Got to love them!

I hope this comment go through because in the past it did not let me post anything on your site.

Thank you for your support...

Miss you all!

mlh said...

I've seen my dog in the exactly same position, but substitute rawhide bone for tiger.

Ah, he's a cutey all right.

Mo said...

Love it love it! I'm glad he selected a tiger and not a stuffed lamb or frog, which would leave him entirely defenseless!