Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Our second port was Mazatlan where dear Dixie has reserved 3 boats to take us out to a kid friendly island beach.

Here we are on the front of our boat zipping out to the island. Henry was not sure he liked being on the front of the boat, or wearing his life jacket, but I bribed him with a sucker and he didn't fuss to much. Instead the motion of the boat seemed to relax him. He just snuggled and almost slept in my arms. So fun to have a snuggly boy! Notice how cute my sister-in-law Shauna looks and how I look like a pirate. I have the cutest sister-in-laws ever!
We dropped anchor off shore of our island and were a little nervous about having to swim to shore-- especially with bags and kids. But luckily a guy with a little boat came and ferried us all into the calm beach.

Henry liked pretending to drive the boat best, though as always he loved swimming in the ocean too. He was not interesting in being on the beach at all. Dell snorkled and saw a blow fish and some other neat fish. (darn nauseous was so intense for me I couldn't even put the snorkle in my mouth without feeling icky, so I just swam with Henry.)

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